Asked by ME!

We have an hour left until Blogathon 2006 is over. It’s quite sad in a way but at the same time we have the preverbial light at the end of the tunnel. That’s right. Bed.


Oh how good will that be?! The only minor problem I have is that when I finish it will be 2pm, not exactly the ideal time to be going back to bed. But what can you do? I can’t believe I’m actually still awake. I’ve been awake for far too long already as not only have I done these 24hours but i was up early yesterday (around 7am) so we’re looking at over 30hours of awake time. That’s rather a lot when you put it together!

But I don’t regret it, oh no! My brother has been by my side for the entire night and we’ve kept each other awake, wacthed films and played video games.

I think that is why I’m still awake. One more fabulous question to go… it’s so exciting!