Wow, what a ride that was.

Exhausting, stimulating, nerve-wracking and bloody good fun!

I think the best part of the ‘thon for me was realising that the night was over and dawn was breaking. Rob and I were outside and it really did signal a turning point. The hardest part of trying to stay awake all night is staying awake whilst it’s still dark as your brain is saying “but no, we sleep in the dark. Don’t you remember? Silly human…” As soon as light appears in the sky you can carry on again, and work through past midday in our case

A massive thank you goes to all those of you who submitted questions for me to answer. It was hard work at times but I hope you guys had as much fun reading them as I did writing them. Special mention should go to Donna who kept appearing online at various times during the night to see how we were doing. Thank you chicken!

More thanks are needed for my fabulous moderator Pandora and her moderation team ‘The Yellow Darts’. These guys not only did the blogathon themselves but they also made sure htey had time to make sure we were behaving and following the rules. Pandora even offered up some questions which made me incredibly happy! So yes, thank you so much guys :)

*big raucous round of applause… with whistling!*

Finally the biggest thank you of all needs to go frykitty and the entire blogathon team. You guys did a fantastic job in putting up with all of us!

Don’t forget you can still pledge for at least another 24 hours. Please do as we want to reach a combined total of $100,000. We’re so close and it could be your pledge that pushes us even closer! You know you want to!

Right, me and my nutty brain are going to disappear for a while. I’ve been staring at this computer screen for far too long… everything’s starting to blur!

To the rest of the bloggers who have reached this point in time… Congratulations guys! We’ve done it!

Woo! now go sleep!