This Is Just Weird

It’s been an odd week. There’s nothing really that I should be doing but it seems like I’m always far too busy to do anything. This week we’ve had rehearsals every morning for our choir concert on Sunday. It should go well thoughI have to teach one girl her solo part properly and bitch slap another one into place. It’s going to be a battle of who can be most stubborn so hopefully I’ll win. I’ll just feel a little mean doing it. My hayfever has come back with astounding speed. One day it wasn’t here, the next it was clogging up my nose, throat, eyes and chest… laughing evilly all the time. Bloody pollen. It does mean that it’s effecting me in odd ways though. For example, last night was a friends confirmation service over in the cathedral. So off I tottered, but with 10 minutes of being inside I couldn’t breathe, and within half an hour as I was starting to panic. I managed to stay put until he’d shared the sign of the peace with everybody and then I made a swift(ish) exit, in the middle of a full blown panic attack. That’s right, I had a panic attack in the cathedral. All because of some flowers wanting to get laid. I’m ok now though, and instead of being blocked up I shall go back to getting sunburned even through many layers of cream. Right now though I need to get dressed, go to choir and sort out my day. and my room… my mummy arrives tomorrow! Eek! Will not panic… it’s not fun!