It’s All So Exciting!

Apologies for my absence, I just haven’t had anything to say of late.

But now I have.

The Boy arrives on this fair isle at 19:40 GMT today (today being thursday) and I’m so excited I don’t think I can sleep! I’ll have to try though as darling mama has got me cleaning the house from top to bottom tomorrow. The things I do when we have visitors…

I have a few things planned for his visit but other than that I’m just going to wing it. I just know that the best thing is going to be waking up with him next to me. I’ve missed him so much, it sucks when we’re apart. But now we get to be together again! Yay! It’s only for a little while but it’s still better than nothing.

Yeh ok, fairly slushy post but I don’t care. I’m now going to attempt to fall asleep whilst watching futurama. *sigh* thursday night can’t arrive soon enough for my liking!

Night all.