And Slowly, She Reappears…

Why is it that you only realise just how precious something is when you nearly lose it forever? During his stay the boy and I had a few heart to hearts and it hit me just how much he really means to me. Not that I ever doubted it before, but it was the fact that he thought he might be losing me that made me realise just how scared I was of losing him. We cried, we hugged, I looked like crap the next day, but i really do think it made us stronger. We’ve never had a real fight as it were, and this wasn’t even a proper argument. I won’t go in to details but lets just say it’s a whole load off. After everything that went on with me last term (which you won’t really know about due to me not being able to post it for fear of the wrong people reading it) I now feel like this massive weight has been lifted off me, and The Boy is the one who removed it.

There’s nothing to worry about. As I say, we’re stronger now than we ever were and I can’t wait to see him again. He’s just started a new job and the cash he’s earning means he may be able to come down every now and again. Which’d be fabulous! My bed felt horribly empty once he’d left again.

Anyhoo, just thought I’d let you know that I’m still alive and will get back to blogging properly eventually.

Much love to y’all.